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today, i am suitably Girl



lately i’ve been lying awake in bed at night

composing eulogies for my living grandparents.

sometimes i can even make myself cry.


i want to wax my arm hair and string fairy lights across my skin instead

as if making my body luminescent would help me hide it.


you forget the taste of grass clippings in the air,

the way pollen sits on your eyelashes and sleeps


and i think the cicadas forget me too.


when you water succulents

you have to give them a lot, and make sure you get the roots

because the plant will think it has to prepare for a long drought.

if you keep watering it, every day, it won’t know what to do with all that water.


that’s the easiest way to kill a cactus.


About abigail Hadfield

Abigail Hadfield (they/them/theirs) is a sophomore majoring in creative writing at Emerson College. Their poetry focuses on themes of gender, sexuality, active forgetting, and the nuances of emotional trauma. They spend most of their time writing magazine articles, half-finishing poems, and debating what career path to follow.