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When Will Hearts Remember to Warm One Another



you never hear about Kansas anymore.

it has turned to ashes in cold milk.

sometimes, I click my heels together.

& wonder if it will take me back

to an old rural chicken farm

mocking the one where dad grew up.

the line is a dot for me.

it holds no barrier. No

weight. no barrier or weight.

it is seamless. and it lets them all



I thought I knew a real boy.

thought he was sweetly rotten.

& I pressed my fingers through

his belly up into his ribs

while he fed me walnuts and okra

until my mouth was sore.

A reminder of shadow across warm days

in winter when the snow would cloud

foggy on the ground and perforate.


starved of praise.



Cassidy Marsh is an emerging poet and was awarded the Spring 2018 Alice James Books Fellowship. She is currently a graduate candidate and TA at the University of Maine. Her work has been featured in Cadaverous Magazine and Rag Queen Periodical. Follow her on twitter @chunkeespoon.