A students' magazine for mental health advocacy




Hello again!


I want to take the time, before anything else, to thank those who read and supported our first issue. The launch of CORRIDORS was a success that I wasn’t sure we could swing. Getting off the ground and being seen by the community was a challenge, especially when we didn’t have any work published yet. Thank you for trusting us before we gave you any reason to, and thank you for continuing to read the magazine.


I have learned a series of new things between Issue One’s release and now, as I write this letter. The first: creating and curating a space for others to heal is impossible when you don’t have your own space to heal. The last nine months or so have been exceedingly difficult for me, and have involved a lot of variables and instabilities. I wanted Issue Two out in the spring and could not get there in time. I made space for myself to heal before I made this magazine. All of this is to say, I apologize to those in the issue whose work I’ve been holding onto for a long time. I’m sorry to those I promised a speedy turnaround and open communication. But also, shout out to those trying to survive and make art at the same time. Including me. Including you, too, dear reader. May we try our best to hit deadlines while also eating a good-sized meal each day. I’m trying my best, and I know you are trying yours. Thanks to everyone for their patience and trust.


Another thing I’ve learned, perhaps most importantly: I am realizing how difficult it is to find language to inclusively discuss an intersection such as ours. I still find myself defaulting to “young people” sometimes when discussing students, or “mental illness” when discussing anyone’s neurodivergence, even though there are folks in the community don’t identify with terms like these. All of this is to say that if you find language on this website that you don’t like, please reach out to me. Our email is -- I would love to hear your thoughts. Please help us be better.


Finally, this issue is the first we’ve had since November, so I thought I should touch on that. We stand with everyone whose existence is brought into question by the current regime. We stand with those whose disabilities are mocked by people in power, and we are here for those who are unsure if their access to mental health care will be affected, or has already been affected. We stand with refugees, people of color, LGBT+ folks, disabled folks, and anyone else who feels unsafe in their body at this time. We are all open ears and open submissions, and we would love to hear what you have to say. We love you. Keep fighting.


Thank you for reading. Thanks to my forever right-hand curator, Brad. Thanks to our new prose editor, Lauren. Thanks to Alex for keeping our website beautiful and to Maya for holding down our social media. Thank you to everyone who submitted & the hard work you put in. Enjoy the issue.


-Myles Taylor

Founder and EiC