A students' magazine for mental health advocacy

Letter from the Editor



Dearest readers,

Our submission pool grew significantly for this issue! I am flattered that so many people want to be a part of what we do. We had a lot of brilliant work sent our way, by sweet and caring people from all over the country.

I feel like this year has brought a lot of weird Lit Mag Drama™ to my timeline, as editors for popular magazines have published questionable work, diminished voices, and dramatically shut down in the face of their publishees. I hope that CORRIDORS is going in the right direction with its work, but if we ever do, say, or publish something unproductive, I want any reader to feel comfortable reaching out to us and saying so. Obviously, that work should not be the responsibility of the affected, but we are a staff of four full-time students/workers/humans. We are strong believers in transparency and community dialogue, and would love to hear from our readers any time, whether it’s what we’re doing right or what we could do better.

Speaking of feedback! CORRIDORS has been providing neurodivergent students with a public outlet for three issues now. However, the outlet itself is a bit generic. I love poetry and prose as much as the next guy, but I would love to change things up a bit. If you have ideas of what else we could publish/plan/hype up, please let us know!!! If someone wants to write a column for us or connect us to students operating in other art forms, please email us. I’d love the CORRIDORS community to grow outside traditional literary genres and into whole new communities of expression.

As always, our email is, and my twitter handle is @mylesdoespoems. Come talk to us.

With love,